Cowboys & FreddieW (ft

Cowboys & FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau)

Cowboys & FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau) is a short film produced by Rocket Jump and directed by Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch. It features Jon Favreau, director of Iron Man and Cowboys & Aliens.


When Freddie is attacked by a group of cowboys only to be assisted by his gang. Against seemingly impeccable odds, Freddie and his gang manage to fight back high, hard and fast.

Cast & CrewEdit

  • Freddie Wong.....Himself
  • Jon Favreau.....Cowboy

Behind the ScenesEdit

Behind the Scenes with Jon Favreau

Behind the Scenes with Jon Favreau

Weapons SceneEdit

  • Heckler & Koch SL8: Brandon is seen carrying a black Heckler & Koch SL8 with a shorter barrel, 30 round magazine and full automatic capability.
  • Beretta 92FS: Jon Favreau was seen carrying two black Beretta 92FS pistols against his former gang members in order to buy Freddie some time.
  • The Bracelet: A direct energy weapon seen in the film "Cowboys & Aliens", Freddie is seen utilizing this weapon against Jon's former gang.
  • Colt Single Action Army: A .45 Long Colt single action revolver, the Colt SAA is seen in the hands of several gang members who are against Freddie Wong and his gang.
  • Winchester Model 1873: A couple of members of the Wong Gang's opponents are armed with the use of the lever action Winchester Model 1873.
  • Beretta 682: A vertical double-barreled shotgun, the Beretta 682 is seen the hand of one member against the Wong Gang.
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun: A shotgun with dual horizontal barrels is seen in the hands of a gang member opposing the Wong Gang.